Rick Knight (
Tue, 16 Sep 97 18:28:36 CST

Thanks Dan Fabulich for taking this request on. I have one more
request and a confession to go with it and it sheds some light for me
on what may agenda may actually be...

First, the request is that we separate the issues so that the thread
doesn't become congested with long posts with quotes within quotes.
Also, when one is referring one to a URL, a brief (even one sentence)
synopsis of what the investigation may entail would be appreciated.

Secondly, pleading "guilty" to my attraction toward intrigue, the
dramatic and the emotionally rippling threads of late. My version of
a soap or a talk show one might say. Doesn't get much done unless it
ultimately leads one to the conclusion that there is work to be done
and one must actively participate in it.

My request, when seen in the light of my attraction towards drama, is
thus, a request to temporarily assist a mental handicap as I further
make the distinction between yattering and mattering.