extrosatva (Art isn't Easy)

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Tue, 16 Sep 97 18:15:06 CST

Eliezer stated:

People who study science are artists; people who study art are not.

Rick Knight adds:

The key distinction is the verb "study". Some people are naturally
inclined towards science and mathematics, some others make music, draw
pictures, write stories. Each entails the other. However, there is
likely a trait within each type of person that has them flow
predominantly one way and not the other. Asimov and Clarke come to
mind as talented writers with very scientific minds. They had
wonderfully imaginative stories steeped in (what some may regard as)
serious science. And yet, The Star Wars Trilogy still packs 'em in.

There is no superiority here much as one may attempt to contrive it.
There is just predisposition of certain gifts and perspectives and a
interpolation of those diverse talents. Each shows its vulnerability
and incompleteness without the influence of the other.

Case in point, from Dr. More:

"I'm disapointed at how few of the [philosophy?] students have any
background in biology and any comprehension of evolution."