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Dan Fabulich (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 03:23:02 -0400

At 02:02 AM 9/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>At 10:06 PM 9/15/97 -0400, Dan Fabulich wrote:
>>Spontaneous Order - Spontaneous Order is Social Darwinism,
>>which is morally reprehensible because it has no regard for
>>human dignity or equality.
>I've run into that one. I consider 'dignity' and 'equality' an
>exclusive-or function (Probably with 'equality' a 'false' except
>under extremely limited criteria.) Take your pick. Dignity
>doesn't come for free; free dignity represents a fraud. The only
>way I know to fix the equality/dignity paradox requires the
>redefinition of dignity as a rough synonym for mediocrity.

I totally agree... However, if someone had just told me "Spontaneous Order
doesn't respect human dignity or equality," I would be HIGHLY unlikely to
persuade them to become an extropian by responding: "free dignity
represents a fraud."