Airships Return

Rick Knight (
Tue, 16 Sep 97 17:24:20 CST

Arjen wrote:

I also see great possibilities in the tourist industry, why go on a
bus from Holland to Spain if you can fly in an airship wich has all
the comforts of a modern shoppingmall?

Rick Knight responds:

The shopping mall image kind of deflated it for me (I'd prefer a nice
park <G>) but hey to each their own. I'm looking to curb my
materialstic dogma now and in the coming years.

I'd really like to ship more stuff under and overground. I
particuarly like the Drexlerian nano-engineered tunnels described in
"Engines of Creation". Maybe I'm just really sick of my commute!

A question I have about the lumbering airships. Could they capably
share the airspace with the prop and turbine powered craft already up