Re: Airships Return

Arjen Kamphuis (
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 14:22:08 +0200

Rick Knight wrote:
> The shopping mall image kind of deflated it for me (I'd prefer a nice
> park <G>) but hey to each their own. I'm looking to curb my
> materialstic dogma now and in the coming years.

Sorry you hate mall's (they're a relativly new phenomenon over here so I
guess we're still slightly awed ;-). I was merely indicating the
comfort-level as compared to a Boeing 747.

> I'd really like to ship more stuff under and overground. I
> particuarly like the Drexlerian nano-engineered tunnels described in
> "Engines of Creation". Maybe I'm just really sick of my commute!

I believe there are now plans underway to create an nation-wide subway
system under Switserland (just 'ol fashion drilling, no nano involded).
Once completed passenger and cargo 'trains' could move trough these tunnels
at 400 Km/hr or more. This kind of solution to traffic problems is of
course *very* expensive and could never be afforded by most other country's
(even western ones).

By the time nanotechnology becomes practical I think the best solution will
be to produce anything as locally as possible, thereby greatly reducing the
need for transport in the first place. Hopefully we wil also have a more
'knowledge oriented' economy (we're moving into that right now) so that
there'll be a lot more 'working where you want' and less obligatory commuting.

The strong points of airships are (IMHO):
- No new technologies required, can be implemented *today*
- Require little or no ground infrastructure, ideal for developing
country's and 'neck-of-the-woods-operations'.
- Can handle any size/wheight cargo, as opposed to underground
tunnelsystems. A complete factory or offshore rigg would pose no
problem for a large airship.

> A question I have about the lumbering airships. Could they capably
> share the airspace with the prop and turbine powered craft already up
> there?

This should not be a problem since airships can fly at much lower altitudes
(a typical jet cruises at 30.000 ft). Because of their low-noise propulsion
this should not bother anyone. They could even be made partially
transparant so as not to cause shades in anybody's garden on sunny days ;-)
Also, with a touristic application you might not want to fly in a straight
line but instead follow a coast-line or something like that, quite
different from planes. Besides all that the idea is that they replace at
least some airplanes (lower operating cost, less noise, less pollution...)


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