extrosatva (Art Isn't Easy)

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Tue, 16 Sep 97 17:30:28 CST

...every minor detail is a major decision. Have to keep things in
scale, have to hold to your vision..."



Thanks for the insight. I heaved a big sigh when Geoff took me to
task to further distinguish art (me being so "liberal artsy" and all).

Let's hear it again...

Eliezer posted:

If you can't tell the difference, and you prove it with a lot of
capitalized letters, you're a "liberal arts" mentality. If you say,
"Yeah, I see that people can be divided into these two groups, and it
has predictive value, so I don't care about the philosophical reasons
why they're really the same"...then you're an engineer.