Goo prophylaxis
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 16:45:33 -0400 (EDT)

Nicholas Bostrom <> wrote:

> Let's simplify and assume that we can get to advanced nanotech
> through the sequence of discoveries N0, N1, ..., Na...

Let's not, and say we did :-)

I've got a few questions that keep running through my head about all this
nanowar and psychedelic goo talk - so here they are:

1.) Can anyone give an estimate to how long it would take for nanites to
alter the human body? For instance, how long would it take to change the
gender of an adverage adult, considering heat, efficiency and the fact you
don't want to end up with a pile of gooey organ material?

2.) How much does the brain grow and change per day? (This is related to
keeping consciousness when uploading by slowly merging human and machine

3.) Anyone like to speculate on survailence possibilites of nanotech?
Nanocams, nanobugs and nanobrainalteringthingies?