Re: Goo prophylaxis

Forrest Bishop (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 14:44:55 -0500 (CDT)

>> In a message dated 8/29/97 8:17:17 AM,
>> Bostrom) wrote:
>> Nobody has presented a self-replicating Life system. All Conway did
>> produce a feasibility proof, so you know it *can* be done. Actually
>> designing such a system is still considered not yet possible.
>Really? I thought I've heard that the Universal Turing machine was
>actually designed, with streams of gliders serving as tape etc. But I
>may be wrong, in which case I'm glad you pointed it out. Do you have
>any references?

Can I appeal to someone to summarize this thread? I think there is
original work being done here, but I have been too busy to keep up with
it. I forwarded one of the messages to Rob Freitas, who expressed
interest, but he is extremly busy writing the *Nanosystems* of medicine
(31 chapters, two volumes).
Rob posted related essays, "Police Nanites", on sci.nanotech a few
months ago, which will be in a book at some point. Perhaps some of
the work accomplished here might be suitable for inclusion in that.

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