Re: Goo prophylaxis

Nicholas Bostrom (
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 15:31:03 +0000

Forrest Bishop

> Can I appeal to someone to summarize this thread? I think there is
> original work being done here, but I have been too busy to keep up with
> it.

I am planning to write a paper on nanotechnology and strategy, and it
will draw material from the fruitful discussions we have had here.

> I forwarded one of the messages to Rob Freitas, who expressed
> interest, but he is extremly busy writing the *Nanosystems* of medicine
> (31 chapters, two volumes).
> Rob posted related essays, "Police Nanites", on sci.nanotech a few
> months ago, which will be in a book at some point. Perhaps some of
> the work accomplished here might be suitable for inclusion in that.

Sounds interesting. I couldn't find either the essay or the man. Do
you have any urls or email addresses?

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