Extropy in the Personal Sphere

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Mon, 11 Aug 97 11:37:47 CST

Peter McCluskey asked:

Is there any evidence that filtering water is important?

Rick Knight responds:

I would have to research it for you, which I haven't currently the
time for but I have read in a number of articles and discussed with
many environmentally-leaning individuals that our drinking/bathing
water is continuing to be bombarded with a number of contaminates that
are not adequately fitered out by the municipal authorities.
Considering all humans are is water and minerals, I make the effort to
heighten the quality as much as possible. I rather doubt that the
multi-billion dollar bottled water and purification system market
emerged completely on a fear meme (if so, bravo to the marketing
people who did that one!).

Of course, those interests pushing the filtration and bottled water
always have the compelling spin but I'd advise checking with local
environmental groups and obtaining a copy of the water quality reports
that your municipal water provider has to make public.

In my estimation, average municipal water quality, governed by a
bogged down and likely indifferent bureaucratic system is about as
safe as packaged meat...but we'll save that for another topic <G>.