Patriarchy and the Age of Information

Rick Knight (
Mon, 11 Aug 97 11:44:08 CST

Danny wrote:

We used to be a partnership society, before we got corrupted (the fall
of Adam and Eve), the Minoans were the last partnership society, and I
think we will go back to it, although it may feel like matriarchal,
because we have been so used to the patriarchal.

Rick Knight responds:

Are you regarding the Adam and Eve story as literal or archetypal.
Although I think the staying power of suchs myths implies that they
have archetypal significance, any other conveyance seems to be
completely illogical (like Santa, tooth fairy, the Easter bunny).

I am not suggesting a matriarchal dominance or hard-line rule but more
of an influence. Considering the density of novelty and innovation
that this and the following generation will encounter, the
traditional, epoch-long pendulum swings of power may be rendered moot
by advances of reproduction, mortality extension and a reassessment of
existing cultural "norms" between the "sexes".