Freedom or Death?

Rick Knight (
Mon, 11 Aug 97 11:31:21 CST

Brent Allsop wrote:

Suddenly, Jeff is involved in an instantaneous, life taking,
but not brain destroying accident. In other words, without expecting
to die he doesn't get the chance to, with his final breaths, say: "I
don't (or do) want to be cryonically preserved." Let's say there just
happens to be a cryonic team there, ready to preserve him, and that
funds for the procedure and long term preservation are absolutely no

Rick Knight asks:

The last statement somewhat adds to my ongoing skepticism. How
*available*, *reliable* and *knowledgeable* are emergency medical
personnel? Does a person intending to be cryonically preserved wear a
special identification indicating alternative action? Considering the
pervasive attitude of the acceptance of physical death, do healthy
extropians involved in fatal accidents have any assurance their bodies
will be expediently managed to the right fridge (cryonics crypt and
not the morgue)?