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<< In my estimation, average municipal water quality, governed by a
bogged down and likely indifferent bureaucratic system is about as
safe as packaged meat...but we'll save that for another topic <G>.
I design and test water systems. I have seen my share of horror
stories. There are well meaning people trying to fix the water system
problems. As I see it, the municipal systems are run by people who generally
know what they are doing. The problem is somewhat with the government
environmental laws. The laws are too strict for the currently (maybe nanotech
filters later) available technology with some types of *natural* chemical
For now, I suggest using a bottled water company. I (think I) know who
is good and not-so-good. The FDA inspects these plants and the poor
companies get forced into being (temporarily?) better. You should see the
turmoil when the FDA police inspect a plant, what a shake up. [Why can't the
economics keep these companies in line? Why do we need the FDA to go in with
big guns?]
Anyway, the municipalities tend to forget about what they can not
control (chemicals) and concentrate on the one EPA law I *do* agree with:
40CFR _Escherichia coli_ elimination and total coliform control which is (in
general) <1 per 100 mL. So, I guess that makes water safer from a
microbiological aspect than ground beef.

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