Re: Extropy in the Personal Sphere

Hagbard Celine (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 20:27:06 -0400

Rick Knight wrote:

> I too have been wondering about that particularly in the relationship
> between the quest for physical life extension through cryonics and
> uploading which are, albeit gaining some measure of scientific
> consideration, still rather lofty notions.

My sentiment exactly. Entropy (in its many forms) affects the universe
and everything in it -- just look at my closet. :-) Extropy is both my
short-term and long-term goal.

> However, there is the more
> concrete and pragmatic pursuit of nutrition. I'm wondering about how
> many extropians filter their water, pursue either vegetarian diets or
> thoughtfully chosen carnivorous diets (i.e., small quantities from
> reliable sources, not regular mindless grabbing of the package of
> Foster Farms chicken at Safeway.)

Oh my, I've been drinking unfiltered water? :-)

Being a student, I've found that extropy tends to cost some money. As
many list members would no doubt agree (given the stark capitalist bent
of many subscribers), augmentation of one's available resources is one
of the surest ways to facilitate the achievement of a measure of
personal extropy. Health food costs an arm and a leg, never mind
weightlifting supplements, legal and non-legal smart drugs, and, not the
least of which, computing power.

> How many supplement their diets with
> a designed mineral and vitamin regimen?

Designed? Mine is pretty ad-hoc. I've always been a healthy person
(never had the traditionally childhood infirmities like chicken pox,
mumps, tonsilitis, strep, etc.) and so I tend to work with what is
naturally occuring in the foods I eat. I maintain a 45% carb, 35%
protein, 20% fat diet, more or less. My main staples are chicken, egg
whites, sushi, salads, peanut-butter sandwiches, and tons of wheat bread
(with various spreads). I do take vitamin C regularly, as well as an
antioxidant mix, when I remember. As a semi-pro swimmer, calorie
restriction is absolutely counterproductive (bring those free-radicals

For those weightlifters out there, creatine monohydrate is a must!

> How many wear sun block or
> otherwise fortify their skin to help it maintain it's younger appeal.

Ugh. I lifeguard for a living during the summer and I NEVER wear
sunblock. My Mediterranean skin is, of course, impervious to gamma
(though when melanoma (sp?) bursts forth, I'll probably lose my
superhero status). I publicly acknowledge that this makes me an absolute

> How many smoke, drink substantial amounts of alcohol, eat a majority
> of refined foods.

Nicotine is an occasional vice, occuring usually after the parallel
(still occasional) vice of substantial amounts of alcohol. Refined foods
are too expensive. I prefer to do my own cooking.

> Why the questions? To me, there is a relationship between the pitch
> and the substance. The walk and the talk. I look for it everywhere
> (including in myself). Not expecting perfection, just ongoing
> awareness and a concerted effort.

This is a great attitude. I shall strive ...

> Just how sacred is the Extropian body in these days where we can only
> extend part scientific confidence and part good ol' faith in the life
> extension capabilities fashioned for immortality?

I'm going to consider my response to this one. I hope others that are
reading Rick's post do the same.