Responsibility for children

From: Mark D. Fulwiler (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 13:55:51 MDT

Does anyone else here think is unfair and unjust
that a woman can always get out of the
responsibility for a child (before birth by
aborting it and after birth by putting it up for
adoption), while a man can literally be held
responsible for hundreds of thousands in expenses
just because he was careless enough not to use a
rubber, or because a woman's birth control method
did not work or because he was lied to? ("Yes
honey, I'm on the pill.") Fair is fair. If women
legally don't have to support their kids, men
shouldn't have to either.

I'm gay, but if I were a heterosexual man the
prospect of having sex with any woman would
greatly concern me for these reasons.

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