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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 20:04:29 MDT

>From: "Mark D. Fulwiler" <>

>Does anyone else here think is unfair and unjust
>that a woman can always get out of the
>responsibility for a child (before birth by
>aborting it and after birth by putting it up for
>adoption), while a man can literally be held
>responsible for hundreds of thousands in expenses
>just because he was careless enough not to use a

Being a hetero man (and one who was once falsely accused of fathering a
child out of wedlock), your comments strike a chord with me. However, I
think the current state of affairs is the lesser of two evils. If men were
able to say "OK, I fathered this child, but I want nothing to do with it,
and refuse to financially support it," I think that would impose an
unconscionable hardship upon single mothers and fatherless kids. No matter
what, its not the kids fault and the kid deserves to be provided for. If
not by his dad, then by the state, which vicariously makes *me* (as a tax
payer) financially responsible for his kid. Thanks but no thanks.

So, yeah it might be rough on fathers of unwanted kids. But, hey, if you're
a man who does not want to have kids there are ways to avoid it. If you are
careless, or get duped, or are just terribly unlucky, them's the breaks.
When you get trimmed, just consider potential fatherhood one of the
potential costs.


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