Wed, 4 Jun 1997 15:10:41 -0400 (EDT)

Eugene Leitl writes:

> With a good headup, I can read while walking on the street.

Please no! It's bad enough having people who think they can talk on their
phones and walk at the same time, but reading!?

> I can let the machine read my mail, and dictate responses.
> There is lots of small, irritating waits which can be utilized much better.
> tree killing obsolete is impossible without a good head-up, and a head
tracker, and
> both are impossible without a wearable.

Why, exactly, do you need a head-up and a head tracker to replace paper ?
When was the last time you walk around with paper stuck to your face ?
(don't answer). Here's a good replacement for paper, paper! Smart paper,
made from thin, flexible displays or smart ink. You can pick it up, write on
it, save the document and leave it for the next person.

> People yearn for wearables. They just don't know it yet.

I think people know exactly what they want - something that works, something
that makes life easier. I think one of the reasons why they aren't getting
what they want is the acceptance that computers are complex, difficult

Can anyone tell me why an SG O2, a professional workstation, is easier to
setup, install, use and upgrade than a home PC ? It's not the cost!

>Now this is a challenge for marketing.

It's a lot to ask from an industry seems to spend more time making colorful
icons than making computers that don't crash, files that don't corrupt and
applications that don't just decide to 'loose all unsaved information'.