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David McFadzean wrote:
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> >Subject: Ideas Futures as a teaching aid
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> >For several years I have taught the fundamentals of both the futures
> >market and the options market and have spent some time attempting to
> >make these kids become "futurists" with mixed success. Your game did a
> >better job of accomplishing these tasks than I ever could. It is a
> >wonderful teaching tool. Our game was written up in our school
> >newsletter and created a lot of interest with parents and teachers
> >alike.
> >
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SOunds like we have an effective meme breeding device in this game.
Based on this experience, I would suggest that the game be promoted
nationally among teaching and home schooling groups for use in high
school social studies and economics courses. I remember playing a
similar game, although it was past oriented. My social studies teacher
in 8th grade was covering the 1920's at that point and created a stock
investment game. Unfortunately, the game was rigged to crash, which was
the object of it, to demonstrate the effects of the 1929 crash, but I
noticed that it tended to ingrain an anti-capital meme in the students.

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