Re: SOC: Crime rates down again

Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko (
Wed, 04 Jun 1997 11:03:50 -0400

Decrease in unemployment rates may also contribute to it,
as crime provides both an alternative source of income and
alternative way to spend time to those unemployed.

Also, I wonder what happened with the price of drugs in the
last few years. As some of the crimes are connected to
people's attempts to support their drug habits, a fall in
drug prices (or slowdown in their growth) could decrease
the need to earn money via crime. - That would be the result
of *failure* of FBI to fight drugs. Or maybe drug use shifted
to less dangerous substances.

Or young males could shift to some other activities, such as
playing videogames, going to raves, enjoying (all of
these were not so widely available a few years ago), or
committing non-violent frauds in the increasingly virtual

I would expect that there should be a number of good theories
explaining the events. Does anybody know of any?

Alexander Chislenko <>