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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 09:47:29 -0700
From: Rudy Rucker <>
Subject: CAPOW97 (Release 5.0 of CAPOW)

CAPOW97, the release 5.0 version of the CAPOW software, is now
available for download from

New in this release:
*Multiple Generators
*OpenGL Rendered 3D display of 2D CA surfaces!
*Full support for User Rule *.DLLs

The displays are highly illuminating and inhumanly beautiful.

CAPOW is a rapid, visually striking Windows95/WindowsNT program
which shows 1-D and 2-D cellular automata (CAs). CAs are good for
modelling differential equations, and we have used them to model a
number of physical processes both in one-dimensional (line) worlds and
in two-dimensional (plane) worlds.

Heat * Waves * Nonlinear Waves * Reaction Diffusion * Oscillators

We use a smooth scale of colors to show the intensities of the cells.
For 1D systems, we show the CA both as a vibrating graph and as a
a colorful spacetime diagram. For 2D systems we showt he CA either as
a rendered surface or as a patch of changing colors.

A number of predefined rules are built-in, and there now a capability
for the user to define User Rules as *.DLL libraries which the user
compiles with Visual C++. A toolkit for building User Rules is supplied,
as well as sample code and a number of example *.DLL rules. Among the
examples are General Cubic Wave Equation, Two Dimensional Nonlinear Waves,
The Hodgepodge 2D Reaction Diffusion System, Chaotic Oscillator With Waves,
and, yes, the venerable Game of Life.

CAPOW is a shareware product, copyright (C) SJSU 1997. It has been
created under a contract with EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute).
Many thanks to EPRI for their support over the past seven semesters!
Programming is by Rudy Rucker and teams of SJSU students. The most
recent team was Michael Ling, Loc Ho, Andrew Forster, and Lorrie Tanabe.

Seek ye the gnarl.

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