Felix Ungman (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 23:40:19 +0200

Eugene Leitl:
>Why not? With a good headup, I can read while walking on the street. I
>can let the machine read my mail, and dictate responses. There is lots of
>small, irritating waits which can be utilized much better.

I simply can't walk and read a book at the same time (not without hurting
myself). (OK, I would like to fix that, but I don't see how wearables is the

>Making tree killing obsolete is impossible without a good head-up, and a head
>tracker, and both are impossible without a wearable. I'd kill for a good wearable.

Paper will not be reaplaced by wearables. Paper will be replaced by nothing
less than Paper++. It must match price, resolution, weight and size. Paper
is actually one of most impressive technologies we have today. But lets get
back to wearables...

>Me, I simply don't get mad. But the Newt2000 is just an expensive toy.
>(The Newt130 is an unusable prototype.)

Agreed (but I like them both :-). But why is the Newt130 unusable?
Because it doesn't communicate well. It's just a fancy filofax. But the
Real filofax is built on the superior paper technology, which makes
it much better. A real filofax doesn't pretend to do email. I think the
Newton story well shows that it's connectivity that matters, not

>Speak for yourself. Working in the park, in the meadow, in the mountains.

Or as Churchill would have put it, "We shall work on to the end. We shall work
in France and on the seas and oceans; we shall work growing MHz and growing
Mbit in the air; We shall compile our code whatever the cost may be; we shall
work on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills; We shall
never disconnect".

Felix Ungman