Dan Hook (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 21:14:26 -0400

> From: Mark Grant <>
> The only wearable I've seen (I didn't actually get to use it, just saw
> some graphics demonstrating what it was supposed to be like) projected
> incoming data onto the inside of a pair of 'sunglasses' which also
> incorporated a miniature video camera to broadcast video back over the
> to his home machine. I certainly wouldn't want to use a wearable display
> which wasn't at least semi-transparent.

This sounds rather interesting. It's much like something I was thinking
about. I certainly could have used a pair of sunglasses to project
modernist works of literature and a Spanish dictionary today for finals.
Physics and math are so much easier although my physics teacher thinks
there is something unjust about 22k of programmable RAM so he didn't let us
use calculators on the exam. Of course, the guy has also devoted his life
to serving God (Xaverian brother, a Catholic sect), but luckily that
doesn't show up past the pray at the beginning of class (such is the price
I pay for avoiding public school).

> > Forget unix. Unix is not sexy. Unix is simply the lesser evil of those
> > the market. Make? C? Memory leaks? Dangling pointers? Core dumps?
> Heretic ;-). If past experience is anything to go by then in five hundred
> years time the Jupiter-sized brains will still be running Unix ;-). I do
> rather like the look of what I've seen of Plan 9 though.

Considering that one of my dreams is to become a Jupiter brain, does this
mean I should learn Unix? :)

Dan Hook