Re: New York, New York, its a hell of a town...

Dan Hook (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 21:06:29 -0400

Actually, the article was rather brief and to the point. It basically said
that crime was down, complaints were up from some groups, and praise was
coming from others. Specifically, it was stated that young black males
were complaining while their mothers were happy.
[here begins my analysis] Such is the nature of "progressive" reform. One
group is happy but the group that coercion is practiced upon is not.
Progressives have helped stall progress through regulation and they shall
continue to do so in the name of the common good. What the NYPD needs is
economic analysis of law. I see New York City resorting to martial law
before that would happen.

I do agree with your assessment that the media is biased. This is why I
try to look for facts when I am reading instead of mere subjective opinion.
The negative influence of the media is easily seen. People think about a
poor hurt animal featured in a special segment more than they think about
dying people, or their own lack of freedom. They think that other people
should be altruistic, even though they seldom apply this to themselves
(saints are fine, they are too busy doing "good works" to tell me how to
live my life, its the people who think others should be saints that I worry
about). Oh well, I guess the only thing to do is to start getting my news
off the net. Can anyone recommend a good source(s) for the latest breaking
news in technology, libertarianism, and economics?

Dan Hook
> Although there are times when the frustration of some members of NYPD
> expresses itself in unwarrented manners, the number of incidents where
> this actually happens are very few and far between.
> It must be remembered that there is an unfortunate tendancy on the part
> of the mass media to emphasize the negative disproportianately. The
> effect on an uncritical general public is invariably received in an
> uncognitive, and primarily emotional framework.
> Critical thinking has not yet become as commonplace in our cultural
> evolution as we would like. If the media persist in their de-emphasis on
> critical analysis and fail to provide appropriate and balanced coverage
> of daily events, lacking a viable alternative to these induced vicarious
> adventures, would not humankind respond accordingly in most
> instances?