New York, New York, its a hell of a town...

Perry E. Metzger (
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 11:31:25 -0400

> From: Max More <>
> For those who think society is in an inevitable decline: The FBI just
> released their crime figures (no, not crimes *by* the FBI--those they don't
> reveal!). Violent crime dropped for the fifth year in a row in the USA,
> this time by 7%. This includes an 11% decline in murders (16.5% decline
> here in LA).

I will point out for the "New York is a filthy dangerous city" crowd
that New York is now at the bottom of the list for crime rates in
cities above 1 Million in the U.S.

We've never been a particularly dangerous place compared to most other
cities, but things are getting better here faster than in most
places -- we are substantially safer than L.A., and dramatically safer
than hellholes like Washington D.C.

There is also a serious risk that the rent control legislation making
this a difficult city to find a living space in will expire in less
than two weeks without being renewed.

So, for those looking for a nice, safe place to live, come to New
York! We need more Extropians here!