thank you

Frank Mcelligott (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:38:26 -0700

Recently I requested from the participants of this list, any and all
information available here on the net which members could provided =

to me in assisting in my recuperation from my recent heart attack. To
those of you who responded, Thank You, but I must admit I was surprised
at the list=92s general indifference to my plight. I should have known
that discourse on God, the lack of God, the existent of God, requires
the total commitment of all the available neurons of the members of
this list. Let me help you in your discourse, first you must have a
heart attack, then go to any major hospital=92s ER, and lastly you =

must believe that death is only 5 feet behind you, and gaining with each
second that passes. After that, you might reprogram your discussions
concerning God. =

You remind me of what President L. Johnson once said in his description
of the Washington Press Corp.
=93 I wish one of those Bastards had run for Dog Catcher. before coming t=
this town=94 =

I don=92t contribute to this or any other list, only because I have
nothing to contribute, this is either caused by the lack of knowledge or
the fear of an intellectual discourse with people more glib and more
intelligent than myself.

I can not teach, all I can do it learn.

But, I have now something to say. A new drug lipitor, approved by the
FDA 12/6/96. If you take it should lower your lipids by 50%. Drug =

has been available in Europe but not here in USA.

Concerning my smoking, I have been smoke free since 01/01/97. =

I have used the NQ system, commonly referred to as the patch among us
smokers. Although this system was a excellent aid while quitting, you
must be Very careful with it=92s use. It was a direct contributor to my
visit to the ER. After smoking over 40 years, I had narrowed my
arteries, but was not experiencing ill health.

With the patch , I was able to quit smoking, but the strength of the
dose had narrowed the arteries more that smoking two packs a day. I
did not experience pain in the chest caused by this narrowing, instead I
had a referred pain in the left shoulder. The Doc said I had =

strained a muscle , and with proper rest this pain would disappear. =

That was on Monday, Tuesday I was in the ER.

So my contribution to this list is, If you quit smoking and use any
aid, gum or patch, you must assume that any pain, repeat any pain, must
be assumed to be heart related. Second, for those you who have a high
lipid count, try lipitor, it works better than Bran muffins.