Re: thank you

Patrick Wilken (
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 14:34:31 +1000

>Thank You, but I must admit I was surprised
>at the lists general indifference to my plight.

Why should I feel particularly interested in your plight? I don't mean this
as a flame, but really why should I? You are a complete stranger to me. You
are not a close friend. Lots of people die everyday. You say in your first
message that you smoked 2 packs a day for forty years. Then you got a heart
attack. Wow! Its hardly surprising. Perhaps the only surprise to me is that
it was a heart attack and not cancer. As someone else has said you have a
serious medical condition and you should be getting serious medical advice,
not getting irritated that complete strangers, who are not medical experts,
for not sending you lots of pseudo-medical advice. I'm sure if you are not
careful you'll get lots of 'helpful' advice from all sorts of people

If you want any advice it would be to take into account that lifestyle
factors are the leading cause of death in our society and diet is
undoubtedly a major factor in many people's unhealth. I have a vegan diet
which is a straighforward way of increasing the amount carbohydrates in
your diet and cutting down the amount of fat. And even being doesn't mean
that you'll eat well you have to be careful to ensure that you get adequate
nutrition (and I still eat more fat than I would like). If in addition to
following a good diet you get regular exercise you'll have made a major
step towards better health. No doubt there are many other things you could
do - like going on a calorie restricted diet - but simply moving towards a
healthy diet, not smoking and getting regular exercise you will have moved
much more than most people in the West towards significantly longer life
expectancy. Obviously given your heart problem you should be very careful
with the amount of exercise do, but I am sure your doctor can advise you

best wishes, patrick

Patrick Wilken
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