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Lee Daniel Crocker (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 20:33:58 -0700 (PDT)

> << > The man who wrote the article knew what he was talking about,
> > he's a researcher.
> Ooh, there's one for the quote file. The guys at alt.folklore.urban
> might want it for their FAQ too. Thanks for brightening my day.
> >>
> What i meant was that he's done it himself and it works, the way ive
> described it, NO POWER PLANT INVOLVED, sillies.

Ah, so he's not lying, he's just too stupid to do the calculations
right, because he's not adding the energy of the batteries to the
input side of the equation. Batteries get charged somehow. Producing
Hydrogen by electrolysis is an old well-known process, and the amount
of energy required to produce a mole of H2 from water you can look up
in any first-year chemistry text, where you can also look up the energy
produced by cumbusting H2. You can't dance around the laws of physics,
no matter how hard you wish upon a star. If the thing actually worked,
the man would be a billionaire, not a crackpot writing for a
third-class magazine.

If someone puts the article on the net, I'll waste a few minutes
reading it--it might be entertaining--but until then, I see no further
use for spending more of my time pointing out the obvious.

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