Re: thank you

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:09:50 -0700 (PDT)

> Recently I requested from the participants of this list, any and all
> information available here on the net which members could provided
> to me in assisting in my recuperation from my recent heart attack. To
> those of you who responded, Thank You, but I must admit I was surprised
> at the listís general indifference to my plight. I should have known
> that discourse on God, the lack of God, the existent of God, requires
> the total commitment of all the available neurons of the members of
> this list. Let me help you in your discourse, first you must have a
> heart attack, then go to any major hospitalís ER, and lastly you
> must believe that death is only 5 feet behind you, and gaining with each
> second that passes. After that, you might reprogram your discussions
> concerning God.

Why do you interpret lack of response to indifference? I assume that
most of us, like me, simply had nothing to offer you. Recovery from
heart conditions just isn't a very extropian topic (to be fair, neither
is God, but I don't much bother with those discussions either), and
there is no reason to suspect that anyone here has any expertise in
the field, or any reason to benefit from discussing it. You have a
serious medical condition. See a doctor. What do you need us for?

If you had asked a more specifically extropian question, like "My
doctor prescribed drug X; how would that interfere with my taking of
nootropics?", then we might have been of some value, but even then I
suspect that most of us simply don't know, and are unwilling to guess
in public.