Re: thank you
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 13:42:57 -0400 (EDT) (Frank Mcelligott) writes:

>Recently I requested from the participants of this list, any and all
>information available here on the net which members could provided
>to me in assisting in my recuperation from my recent heart attack. To
>those of you who responded, Thank You, but I must admit I was surprised
>at the listis general indifference to my plight.

I'm not indifferent; it's just that there's nothing I can tell you that your
doctor won't already know. Eat less, eat healthy, exercise, take an aspirin a
day, etc, etc. By "virtue" of being the leading cause of death, heart
attacks are well-understood.

>Let me help you in your discourse, first you must have a
>heart attack, then go to any major hospitalis ER, and lastly you
>must believe that death is only 5 feet behind you, and gaining with each
>second that passes. After that, you might reprogram your discussions
>concerning God.

I'm not entirely unfamiliar with that. I've had a stroke and gone to the
hospital unable to walk straight, speak clearly, write, or distingush between
dream and reality. I was informed that this was AIDS, and when it became
clear it wasn't that, that it was an inoperable brain tumor (it wasn't that
either). As it developed, it was just a stroke (embolic or migrainous), and
a small one, and I recovered. Although the experience changed my faith in
doctors' accuracy, it didn't change my non-faith in God(s).