Re: Soros' new investment

From: Dan Fabulich (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 10:51:35 MDT

Dwayne, rumored liberal sympathizer, wrote:

> Well, this was my thinking. I'd always thought, based on my very cursory
> knowledge, that he was pro-democracy and all those other funky
> buzzwords.

Yes, well, a lot of bad guys are buzzword compliant. :)

> What's so bad about him? His predatory speculation/investing strategy?
> I'm sort of curious, as I had always thought he was one of the few very
> rich people who were making any headway as far as doing good goes...

Well, he's a philanthropist, it's true, using his money to promote his
idea of what society ought to be like. In many cases, most notably
Russia, this has been largely a good thing. In many other cases, like
pretty much every US domestic cause he supports, his policies lean
towards authoritarianism and away from self-direction and

His picture of a well-oiled society is one in which the group rules
the individual, while the group at large controls itself. He calls
this autonomy.


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