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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 11:37:29 MDT

Dan Fabulich wrote:
> Dwayne, rumored liberal sympathizer, wrote:

ha, I was about to send this and was looking for excess quotage to cut
and saw this :-)

This is really funny, as over here the Liberal Party is the
arch-conservative party.
But that's as good a description of me as I'll get on this list,
compared to a lot of the rants I see here I'm Leon Trotsky himself. I
live in a country where the govt isn't insane, and so I don't have this
anti-govt reflex you guys have. And I'd rather, in general, trust the
govt than the general public.

In principle I am all in favour of autonomy and anarchism, but my
experience is that you really need a population of adults for this to
fly, and that just hasn't evolved yet, I'm afraid.

anyway, here we go:

> > Well, this was my thinking. I'd always thought, based on my very cursory
> > knowledge, that he was pro-democracy and all those other funky
> > buzzwords.
> Yes, well, a lot of bad guys are buzzword compliant. :)

The world gets trendier by the minute.

> Well, he's a philanthropist, it's true, using his money to promote his
> idea of what society ought to be like.

Like all sorts of crazed oligarchs through the ages. :)

> In many cases, most notably
> Russia, this has been largely a good thing. In many other cases, like
> pretty much every US domestic cause he supports, his policies lean
> towards authoritarianism and away from self-direction and
> self-government.

Weird, I've always thought he was in favour of open and accountable
Why do you think he is doing this? Does he like the US govt, hate the
people, or some other reason?
> His picture of a well-oiled society is one in which the group rules
> the individual, while the group at large controls itself. He calls
> this autonomy.

Like most political issues, I suspect that the devil is in the details
and he doesn't see it this way at all. And this is the last place I want
to start this discussion, so I'll leave it at that, unless someone wants
to send me some URLs to especially bad ideas of his.



"the cricher we kno as dwayne is only the projection into our dimension of something much larger and wirder."

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