Re: Soros' new investment

From: Dwayne (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 10:21:58 MDT

"Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> > Icky-poo.
> I don't think so.

Oh I am aware of that.
> > As he said what his reasons are?
> The usual socialist garbage, essentially its the old 'people are no damn good and need
> other people to tell them whats best for them' mantra.

Okay, is it possible for you to describe this without passing it through
your internal filters? A URL? I'm completely aware of your politics, and
you're not going to sway me, so just the facts please ma'am.
> > Oh right so he's a good guy. I thought you thought he was a bad guy?
> You might think so, I do not.

Man, you are SO restrained since the last time this bounced between us.
What happened?

(I'm not asking you to flare up, it's just that I sent that post, and
realised who it was addressed to, and gritted my teeth)
> > Given the current polarisation of the world towards US hegemony, a world
> > govt would be a good idea, but I'd rather no governments.
> Considering that the current UN peace keeping force in Sierra Leone can't seem to
> shoot its way out of a wet paper bag, and is the largest source of weapons supply for
> the communist rebels (sounds like Pournelle novel, doesn't it?)

I try to avoid reading that dickhead's books.

> while the private
> mercenary forces previously sent in by both the South African gov't and the domestic
> Sierran government were keeping things well under control until kicked out by UN
> mandate, the UN is possibly the worst possible organization to look out for individual
> liberty around the world.

Who mentioned the UN? Not I.

The rest of the world is totally aware as to who controls the UN, I
doubt it is seen as representative of the planet outside the US and
Europe, and I'm not so sure the Europeans feel this way.

I was thinking of something else.
And no, I don't want to live under one world govt, mainly because it
would result in the entire world eventually becoming homogenous and
bland. Other than the cultural diversity issues, the sooner the
better. If we can't get rid of these horrible nation-states entirely,
at least let's have just one so we can avoid titanic wars.



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