Re: Soros' new investment

From: Dwayne (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 08:53:30 MDT

Dan Fabulich wrote:
> Well, admittedly, he IS pro-whatsit. ;) That is, his rallying cry is
> a charge towards "Open society."

Yes, this is what I had though.
> > I'd always thought you'd have thought him one of the good guys. Hmmmm.
> Welll... Unlike certain others on this list who can't tell the
> difference between a liberal and a Nazi,

Which is what keeps me on other lists as I can't be bothered with that
much hubris-building. I am only writing now because my mail filters
managed to stuff up saving a post in the extropy folder and I read the
subject line about Sasha being dead, and I immediately jumped in here to
find out that it was a hoax. And it wasn't. Sigh. BIG sigh.

> (of which, let me get this
> perfectly clear, Soros is the former, and not the latter) I'd say that
> while I wouldn't call him one of the "good guys," he's better than
> most of the bad guys out there.

Well, this was my thinking. I'd always thought, based on my very cursory
knowledge, that he was pro-democracy and all those other funky

What's so bad about him? His predatory speculation/investing strategy?
I'm sort of curious, as I had always thought he was one of the few very
rich people who were making any headway as far as doing good goes...



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