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At Mon, 1 Mar 1999 02:32:01 -0500, you wrote:
>I've lately thought that on Mon, 01 Mar 1999, Timothy Bates wrote:
>>More good news, the people advertising for help killing doctors providing
>>abortions have been nailed (Nuremberg Files was the site that posted the
>>names, phone numbers, and home addresses of abortion doctors, and then
>>struck out their names as they were murdered one by one).
>>What is the extropian position on these two? We no doubt all agree about
>>free crypto, and certainly I am glad the Nuremberg decision happened this
>>way. They are perfect example of first-use force hiding behind free speech.
>>These anti own-body control memes retard the rate at which we get to
>>transcend ourselves
>They weren't using force at all, IIUC, first or otherwise. While it is
>true that some of the people they listed were killed, I think it extremely
>unlikely that the killers did it *because* they saw this on the internet
>(if they even did).
>I think it is good that they stopped, but bad that they *were* stopped,
>if you get my meaning. :( Unless specified otherwise in individual
>contract, I'd want *any* free speech allowed, even "Fire!" in a crowded
>theater.. Of course, this would always be covered by contract..

They were operating on the 'rare loose nut' theory; that if enough people accessed and perused their site, they would occasionally push the rare loose nut who found them over the edge into assassination. It is incitement to murder and dissemination of enabling info. to facilitate that purpose, pure and simple. It's a semiotically and memetically programmed implausibly deniable cyber-doctor-killing module.

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