Re: nuremburg files judgement

Anders Sandberg (
01 Mar 1999 12:59:10 +0100

"joe dees" <> writes:

> They were operating on the 'rare loose nut' theory; that if enough
>people accessed and perused their site, they would occasionally push
>the rare loose nut who found them over the edge into assassination.
>It is incitement to murder and dissemination of enabling info. to
>facilitate that purpose, pure and simple. It's a semiotically and
>memetically programmed implausibly deniable cyber-doctor-killing

See Bruce Sterling's excellent novel _Distraction_ for an even nastier version: an agent residing at some computer monitoring the views expressed by certain people, keeping tabs of how "bad" they are. If someone is too "bad" it activates a second agent. This agent normally collects and analyzes rants in places like alt.conspiracy or alt.kill.the.masons.and.alieninvaders, using profililing software to gather lists of potential violent maniacs. The second agent now mails a rant from a fellow white supremacist/illuminated master/vorlon/concerned parent (suitably tuned) to each of them, mentioning the "bad" person. Result when successful: dangerous maniacs on the hunt, and the source is almost impossible to track down.

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