Re: nuremburg files judgement

Randall Randall (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 02:32:01 -0500

I've lately thought that on Mon, 01 Mar 1999, Timothy Bates wrote:

>More good news, the people advertising for help killing doctors providing
>abortions have been nailed (Nuremberg Files was the site that posted the
>names, phone numbers, and home addresses of abortion doctors, and then
>struck out their names as they were murdered one by one).
>What is the extropian position on these two? We no doubt all agree about
>free crypto, and certainly I am glad the Nuremberg decision happened this
>way. They are perfect example of first-use force hiding behind free speech.
>These anti own-body control memes retard the rate at which we get to
>transcend ourselves

They weren't using force at all, IIUC, first or otherwise. While it is true that some of the people they listed were killed, I think it extremely unlikely that the killers did it *because* they saw this on the internet (if they even did).
I think it is good that they stopped, but bad that they *were* stopped, if you get my meaning. :( Unless specified otherwise in individual contract, I'd want *any* free speech allowed, even "Fire!" in a crowded theater... Of course, this would always be covered by contract...

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