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On Sat, 09 Jan 1999, Samael wrote:
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>Date: 29 December 1998 21:45
>Subject: IDs and privacy

>>I disagree. I think this (just Californese, or is the rest of the U.S.
>>privy to it?) custom of asking for an ID if a person looks younger
>>than thirty is entirely laughable, and ought to be
>>abolished. Everybody ought to be able to poison himself as she sees
>Even 8 year olds? 10 year olds? 4 year olds? 15 year olds? When does a
>person know enough to relaise what effect they are having? People don't
>understand short term consequences when they are very young (very young
>being an age between 7 and 70 depending on the person in question).

Here's a good test: If the person in question is aware enough of consequences to want to press charges against you for using force to prevent their own drinking, then they are old enough to drink.

This has the interesting property that it works for everything else, too (like smoking, driving cars, etc), and would achieve the desired result that usually only those people who really cannot understand would be kept "safe".

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