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Mon, 11 Jan 1999 11:51:13 -0000

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> Look at this statement by Einstein: "Production [in a
> capitalist society] is carried on for profit, not for
> use." Huh?! Let's just do a little thinking: How can
> a product in a free market be profitable if consumers
> don't think it's somehow useful to them? Uh... oh ya.
> Not that I don't admire Einstein, but, like, geez!

You have seen Furbies and beanie babies haven't you? Collectables (you must have these because the more you buy the more they will be worth!)?

Large amount sof marketing dollars sare spent persuading people they want something which is in fact entirely useless to them.

Not that I have anything against this, it seems to keep people happy (well, collectors seem to enjoy it anyway).

But lots of things have no utility until people are persuaded that they must have it.