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>---Andrew Ducker <> wrote:
>>All right and wrong are
>> subjective.
>Aha! Caught ya! All right and wrong are subjective... What a
>ludicrous statement. Either rape is right or it is wrong. Either it
>is ok to strangle babies or it's not. Your argument of the
>subjectiveness of morality is the biggest sham of irrational
>collectivist/socialist/looters in history.
>If you believe that morality is subjective then you can justify
>anything at all - genocide, murder, anything!
>It is either good or bad to steal from those who produce. It is
>simply bad. Evil. Not good. Period.

Why? Where do you get your definitions from? Prove them. Show me their derivations. Show me they are more than your prejudices and lieks/dislikes.

You have stated that rape is wrong. Now prove it.


(Who disapproves of rape, murder, mutilation, etc. But understands that this is his own bias and bercause he doesn't like them occuring.)