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>Being an admirer of the late Prof. Einstein, I paid this link a visit,
>hoping to find a thoughtful, or at least fresh, perspective by an
>incomparable intellect. Alas, I was gravely disappointed. He does little
>more than repeat the standard litany of groundless assertions that had
>already been discredited when he wrote the piece. The flaws are so
>transparent, it's obvious to me that he never gave any real thought to the

IAN: I think Einstein's thinking on economics measures the degree to which the masses have been "entrained" to think emotionally when it comes to economics, so people think more about ideal outcomes (how it should be) than the scientific inquiry of WHY is it the way it is, of what causes social wealth -- Adam Smith's inquiry.

If people stop long enough to notice that places like Hong Kong defined wealth expansion across the boards, they would see that to get the outcomes most of us want (overall wealth), all we need is a Taoiststyle government that pretty much does nothing.

Look at this statement by Einstein: "Production [in a capitalist society] is carried on for profit, not for use." Huh?! Let's just do a little thinking: How can a product in a free market be profitable if consumers don't think it's somehow useful to them? Uh... oh ya. Not that I don't admire Einstein, but, like, geez!

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