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>If no objective standard is possible, how are we to come to any agreement?
>Fortunately, most of us are able to get along reasonably well with each
>other most of the time. Why is this, do you suppose?

Because much of mankind shares similar wants/likes at basic levels (no organism likes being attacked, we all understand that being reasonable towards people increases the chance that they will be reasonable towards us, we like people to behave in trustworthy ways, etc.).

>I'd feel distinctly uneasy around anyone who actually believes that not
>conking me over the head to take my watch is just an arbitrary personal

I felt the same way for a while. But then I also felt teh same way when I realised that money was just bits of paper that people had agreed to exchange for things people can actually use. When nothing nasty happens and people continue acting in a reasonable way, the feeling goes away.