Re: Social change "lagging behind" tech

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 00:37:29 +0000

>In a more general sense, one might say that at present, technological
>change drives social change far more than social change drives any
>form of technological change.

And yet, to prove such a precise statement, we would have to utilize
historical evidence, and we would probably have to insert an economic
element. In my earlier list of books, I totally forgot
to mention Peter Drucker's _Age of Discontinuities_. Drucker makes a
good case for a pattern of technology driving economic change, and
that economic change in turn effecting society. He published it in
1969 but did predict many of the characteristics of our present-day
economy, which he called the "knowledge economy".


Kathryn Aegis