HELP! I'm being attacked by my family! National Emergency!

Mike Cowar. (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 00:23:48 -0500

My parents saw I was getting mail from
and now they think I'm in league with the devil!
A God-talking preacher friend of thiers outraged me to the point of
obscenity with a conversation whose sole purpose seemed to be to get me to
do what my parents wanted.
They are threatening to cut off the computer (this computer)
from the internet because they think it is Satanic.
The internet is my main source of communication.
Losing it would EXTREMELY limit my Transhuman/Extropian efforts
which would lessen the length and quality of my life and happiness.
I have been raised to be dependant upon them
and would have a difficult time claiming my independance.
I have been denied access to and control of my assets.
I have been threatened with homelessness.
I fear for my health and safety.
I am sovereign and have declared that publicly
(not that many people would believe me)
and any legal action would be under international jurisdiction.
My life is a mess.