Re: Social change "lagging behind" tech

Omega (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 18:56:16 -0800


> >Omega, on 22 Jan. 1997:
> >>a. The rapid rate of change of technology, combined with
> >>b. The comparatively slow rate change of culture, and
> >From: "Kathryn Aegis" <>
> >An interesting post. The past history of technological change does
> >reveal a pattern of social structures lagging behind innovations.
> Oh come on, folks, that old Star Trek nonsense? I always wonder what
> god-like measuring sticks are being used here. Exactly how fast IS
> social change supposed to go, and in what direction? Is society's job
> to ADAPT TO technology, to KEEP PACE!?

Actually your comment here takes my original quote quite a bit out of
context. Its meaning was that technological change will obliterate a
number of social issues long before social change will even make a
significant dent in them. It seems like a fairly objectively defined
measuring stick, so I fail to see the point of your objection.

In a more general sense, one might say that at present, technological
change drives social change far more than social change drives any
form of technological change. Maybe this will change at some point,
but it would take an immense amount of social change to even begin to
compare to the technological juggernaut going on.

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