Social change "lagging behind" tech

Steve Witham (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:06:27 -0500

>Omega, on 22 Jan. 1997:
>>a. The rapid rate of change of technology, combined with
>>b. The comparatively slow rate change of culture, and

>From: "Kathryn Aegis" <>
>An interesting post. The past history of technological change does
>reveal a pattern of social structures lagging behind innovations.

Oh come on, folks, that old Star Trek nonsense? I always wonder what
god-like measuring sticks are being used here. Exactly how fast IS
social change supposed to go, and in what direction? Is society's job
to ADAPT TO technology, to KEEP PACE!? How many revolutions per sliced
bread? How many Long Walks to the doorstep of each Better Mousetrap?
Or, is technology an unfortunate occurrance to which cultural change
is the only cure? Or what? I've watched Gene Roddenberry's answer in
reruns for years...and if you're NOT GOING TO DUST IT OFF, PUT IT BACK

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p.s. i know you were trying to say *something*...c'mon, you can outdo that
ol' Great Bird...splash some cold water on your faces...strap on
those thinking caps...*do* dust it off, etc. rah! -steve the nice guy

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