Re: Immortality and Resources

Omega (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:48:46 -0800


> > Please explain what you mean here, because my mind has no referent
> > for the word "economics" that comes anywhere close to the attributes
> > you assign to it here.
> Avarice > self-interest > Economics

If self-interest is "bad" than does this mean that good is "society's
interest", "the government's interest", or perhaps "your interests".
Exactly whose interest are you going to substitute for self-interest?
And while we're at it who's going to enforce whatever interest is going
to take the place of self-interest?

> For example, when powerful enough we'll kick-down the media with education
> first, then by randomly declaring 'free days' where no explicit money can

Likewise who's going to enforce these no-money days, and will they be
using guns? I really don't feel that we're going to trancend self-interest
or achieve any kind of unity by going out and kicking-down this or that.

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