Re: The Space Challenge

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 12:04:45 MST wrote:
> Regarding Anders statement about the of the space,
> I'd like to ask what people on this list might
> suggest to make it more profitable.
> If that's a tall order, imagine instead you someone
> are given control of, say, $10 million. There are
> stipulations on the use of this money. You must
> invest this in the space industry. You must turn
> a profit in, say, 10 years. Also, your investment
> must somehow expand the space industry's
> capabilities during that time. (In other words,
> you can't just put the money into Boeing stock and
> pray.) What would you do?
> In the context of the disaster discussion, having
> more profitable stuff going on space -- preferably
> "manned" activities -- will make it that much
> easier to think in terms of refuges.
> On another note: imagine right now we knew for
> certain that there was to be a disaster that would
> wipe out the Earth in ten years -- like something
> from an old scifi movie: a rogue planet is going
> to smash into the Earth. (I.e., no planetside
> shelter will work against the threat.) What could
> be done right now to insure that humanity/posthumanity
> survives in space? More space stations? A lunar
> colony? Colony ships? Nothing?
> Cheers!
> Daniel Ust

$10 million would go a long way toward cheap access to space- which is
the Step 1 toward all the other scenarios. Apply below... and we plan
to be profitable in under five years, not in a freaking decade.

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