Re: The Space Challenge

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 14:38:14 MST

Daniel Ust, wrote:
> >
> > Regarding Anders statement about the of the space,
> > I'd like to ask what people on this list might
> > suggest to make it more profitable.
> >
> > If that's a tall order, imagine instead you someone
> > are given control of, say, $10 million. There are
> > stipulations on the use of this money. You must
> > invest this in the space industry. You must turn
> > a profit in, say, 10 years. Also, your investment
> > must somehow expand the space industry's
> > capabilities during that time. (In other words,
> > you can't just put the money into Boeing stock and
> > pray.) What would you do?

I'd invest in developing ballistic business jets. As the global news
business gets more active, as it has the past few years, with celebrity
news correspondents (Ashleigh Banfield, Christiane Ammanpour, etc) who
would need to get on the scene of breaking news pronto, there seems to
be a market for G-IV sized or smaller business jets that fly ballistic
arcs to reach any point on the globe in less than an hour with a 2-3
person newscrew as cargo.
The jet would use turbo-ramjet engines to takeoff and land, with Doug's
XCOR engines to boost from Mach3 up to 12.

As this model gains airtime, then extend it to a Blackhorse capability,
releasing small satellites with boosters from the cargo bay rather than
carry passengers (though imagine strapping a booster to the back of your
issue MMV and spacesuit)...

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