The Space Challenge

Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 11:24:46 MST

Regarding Anders statement about the of the space,
I'd like to ask what people on this list might
suggest to make it more profitable.

If that's a tall order, imagine instead you someone
are given control of, say, $10 million. There are
stipulations on the use of this money. You must
invest this in the space industry. You must turn
a profit in, say, 10 years. Also, your investment
must somehow expand the space industry's
capabilities during that time. (In other words,
you can't just put the money into Boeing stock and
pray.) What would you do?

In the context of the disaster discussion, having
more profitable stuff going on space -- preferably
"manned" activities -- will make it that much
easier to think in terms of refuges.

On another note: imagine right now we knew for
certain that there was to be a disaster that would
wipe out the Earth in ten years -- like something
from an old scifi movie: a rogue planet is going
to smash into the Earth. (I.e., no planetside
shelter will work against the threat.) What could
be done right now to insure that humanity/posthumanity
survives in space? More space stations? A lunar
colony? Colony ships? Nothing?


Daniel Ust

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