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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 12:07:41 MST

On 2002.01.22, Christian Weisgerber <> wrote:
> John Grigg <> wrote:
> > Greetings to Anders(and also the list),
> > I had meant to send this to you privately! Oops!! Oh well...
> > Now, I REALLY wonder what it says! In fact, I'm sure WE all do! lol
> FWIW, that text isn't Swedish. It's either Danish or Norwegian, I
> can't tell. Presumably Anders can make sense of it anyway.

Using the Xerox MLTT Langauge Guesser at:

(beware, it seems to hang IE 5.01 on my PC running WinNT 4)

it says that the text is Norwegian_iso1.

> > >Så har vi de eldre, dessverre er det slik at i et av verdens rikeste
> > >land er de eldre blitt en salderings post i mange kommuner. Vi leser
> > >om eldre på 80 og 90 år, som er så dårlige at de sitter i rullestol
> > >og ikke kan klare seg selv. Allikevel venter de i årevis på å få en
> > institusjonsplass
> > >De blir dusjet kun hver 14 dag og selv elementære ting som tørre
> > >bleier er ingen selvfølge.
> ... richest country (?)... 80 or 90 years ... sitting in a wheelchair...
> 14 days...

Using Translation Experts Ltd.'s InterTran at:

it yielded this translation:

    Saw have we older , alas is that so that in a at world's richest
    land are they elderly been a salderings post in a good many
    communes. We reading about elderly at 80 and 90 year , as am saw bad
    that they sit in rullestol and no matter able fend for oneself.
    Still awaiting they in årevis at to a few a institusjonsplass They
    becomes shower barely apiece 14 day and herself elementary gear as
    dry bleier am neither matter of course.

Not great, but it's a start.

-- Dossy

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